Monday, March 16, 2009


The place where you are.....The place where life happens is the place where you are. The place where you build success and achievement is the place where you are. You cannot change the places where you came from, and you've not yet arrived at the places you'll be. The place where you are is the only place where you can think and act and make life happen in the way you intend. If you spend your time wishing you were someplace else, then you lose the opportunity to get there. Instead, see the power and the possibilities of the place where you are, and tap into the real value of what you now have. If you fill the place where you are with worry, frustration, anxiety or anger, you put needless limitations on what you can do. Instead, fill this moment, this set of circumstances with joy, love, gratitude and enthusiasm for the positive possibilities. Give the best that you can to the place where you are. For your world is determined not by what you hope to do on some distant someday, but by how you live right here and now. This is the place where you are. Live it for all that it is.- Ralph Marston

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Barry, this is a beautiful site. and the quotes are right on. Thanks for sharing. julie